ZeroCalz Quinoa Super Atta

ZeroCalz Quinoa Super Atta

Brand: Ashtral Biotech Pvt Ltd
Product Code: Super Atta
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Price: Rs.295.00

Introducing ZeroCalz Quinoa Super Atta, World’s first Quinoa Atta that has Quinoa and Gluten-extracted Atta, and conditioned Super foods such as Buckwheat, Chia Seeds, Gluten extracted Wheat, Japanese Mochigome, Tapioca Pearls, Fried Grams and Corn. It has lower Glycemic Index, but is many times more powerful than the regular Atta. This is a highly nutritious power-packed wheat-replacement Atta that makes tasty Rotis, Chapathis and Paranthas and Indian Breads that are usually made with Atta. This is an Excellent and viable alternative to those with Wheat allergy. Using ZeroCalz Quinoa – the only Quinoa that is 100% Organically Processed (Patented) - as the chief ingredient, this Atta is a revolutionary alternative for better and healthier life.

-Ideal for Diabetics: Low Glycemic Index

-Ideal for Weight Watchers: Low Carbs

-Ideal for Body Builders: Has all Amino Acids

-Ideal for Gastric Patients: Easy to Digest

-Healthier: Does not contain Maida

-Nutritious: Has all essential Vitamins & minerals

-Only permitted emulsifiers added.

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